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Caring for your vehicle during Arizona’s hot summer months is crucial to getting the best performance and ensuring your car, truck, or SUV lasts as long as possible. Another benefit to staying on top of your vehicle’s health is guaranteeing you’ll get top dollar when you decide to sell or trade it in.

There are many things you can do in between routine visits at Sunland Auto Service. Review the tips below to get the most out of your vehicle:

#1 – Keep your car in the garage or covered parking

As obvious as our first tip on the list is, keeping you car parked in the garage or under cover will help protect the vehicle’s weatherproofing materials, paint, dash, and more. It’s also helpful to crack the windows if possible to help lower the interior temperature of the car.

#2 – Wash your car often

Keeping your car clean not only looks better, it helps the finish last longer. Our extreme summer temperatures can quickly chip the paint and cause it to fade, so wash your car often to avoid any unneeded wear and tear on your vehicle.

#3 – Lighten your load

It’s easy to lug around a piles of clothes, a hockey bag, and a bucket of baseballs until you get around to cleaning out your car, but the extra weight only causes your engine, brakes, and suspension to work harder. Another added benefit to dropping the extra weight is increased miles per gallon. Score!

#4 – Get your AC checked regularly

The last thing a valley resident wants or needs is their vehicle’s air conditioning performing at less than 100%, so get it checked out often to avoid expensive repairs. It’s typically cheaper to get your AC serviced in the off-peak months, so add a reminder to you calendar during the cooler months to get your AC inspected.

#5 – Take it easy

Quickly accelerating and braking causes unneeded wear on your vehicle, so when the light turns green or you’re approaching a red light, don’t jump on the gas and brakes… ease into and out of the stop to get the most out of your vehicle.

Sunland Auto Service is here to help answer any questions you have about caring for your vehicle between visits, so please feel free to ask any specific questions you have during your next visit or give us a call at (480) 834-9274. Do you have any caring for your vehicle during Arizona’s hot summer months tips? Share by commenting below!

When trying to find the best auto repair in Mesa, look no further than Sunland Auto Service. Since 1983, customers have counted on us to ensure their vehicles are taken care of. It’s always best to research mechanics in your area before settling, so we encourage you to check out our 5-star Yelp page for all the positive comments and feedback about the quality of not only our work, but our staff too! Yelp isn’t the only outlet where we shine. With 70 reviews and growing, our current average of 4.8 on Google and GarageFly shines above the competition.

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The last thing anyone wants is to take their car in for an oil change, only to be pressured into spending more money on unnecessary repairs. If we do find anything that needs attention, we’ll gladly educate you about any potential issues and present solutions, but never will we apply pressure in these situations. It is our mission to make your visit an enjoyable experience with you leaving feeling confident and happy knowing the job was done right and at a fair price.

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If you’ve never been to Sunland Auto Service, try us out the next time you need your vehicle serviced or have any concerns and find out why we are the best auto repair in Mesa! We believe that by putting our customers first will ensure Sunland Auto Service is around to help you, your friends, and families for generations to come.

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When the gas gauge hits “E” and it’s time to refuel, think twice about where you choose to fill up. Regardless where you decide, all gas starts out at the refinery as “base gas”. From there, each company adds their own blend of chemicals meant to decrease emissions, increase MPG, and make your vehicle perform better. The quality of gas varies depending on which station you’re at, so we decided to compile a list of stations local to the valley and the quality of their gas.


  • Fry’s
  • QuikTrip Top Tier Gas
  • Costco Top Tier Gas
  • Sam’s Club
  • AM/PM Top Tier Gas
  • Valero Top Tier Gas
  • Arco Top Tier Gas
  • Shell Top Tier Gas
  • Mobile Top Tier Gas
  • Chevron Top Tier Gas

Not Recommended:

  • Circle K
  • 7-Eleven
GasBuddy Screenshot

As you can see, the majority of gas stations offer quality gasoline. In the new age of digital technology, it’s now easier than ever to locate the most affordable gas at a recommended station. If you’re wondering what the gas prices are based on your current location, download the GasBuddy app available for iOS and Android or visit their website. Millions of users share and confirm the gas prices of the station they’re currently at, making for accurate information and saving you money each time you fill up! Gas Guru is another helpful gas-related app aimed to help identify the cheapest gas around and is available for iOS or Android. We always try and find the happy medium between quality and saving money, so look for the recommended stations and compare their costs to determine which station is best for you each time you need to refuel. Another helpful way to save at the pump includes fuel rewards programs offered through grocery stores such as Fry’s and Safeway. Shell also has their own Fuel Rewards program. Top Tier Gas is a useful site which helps further identify the stations that carry the best gas.

Thank you for reading and we hope you found this article informative and useful. Know someone who might enjoy it? Share it via email or with your Facebook/Twitter friends & followers! We also invite you to share any feedback you have in the comments section below.

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